The following are the revised by-laws for review by Post 9983 Members. Please ignore any formatting errors - those were created when I copied and pasted it into the page here. Word does not mix well with HTML. In addition, here is the link to the Word document version.  


New Topsail Island Post 9983

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States






Sec. 1. By virtue of charter granted, this Post shall be known as New Topsail Island Post No. 9983 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States


Sec. 2. The location of this Post shall be in the City of Holly Ridge, County of Onslow,    State of North Carolina.





Sec. 1.

The supreme power of this association is vested in the National Convention, and this Post shall be at all times governed by the Congressional Charter and By-Laws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, the By-Laws of the Department of North Carolina, orders issued by authority of the National Convention, National Council of Administration, the Commander-in-Chief, the Department Convention, Department Council of Administration and The Commander of the Department of North Carolina.  For purposes of this Article and Section, Resolutions adopted by the National Convention are held to be lawful orders.





Sec 1.  Place:  The regular meeting place of this Post shall be at 188 Hines Stump Sound

            Church Road, Holly Ridge, North Carolina 28445. The Post may change its meeting         place in accordance with the provisions of Section 206 of the National By-Laws     and Manual of Procedure.


Sec. 2.  Time:  the regular meetings of the Post shall be held on the 2nd Friday of each

            month, to be called to order at 7:00 p.m. 


Sec. 3. The Post may, after at least fourteen (14) days written notice to the Department     Commander and the members of the Post, change its meeting place, appointed day         or time upon a majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular or   special meeting called for such purpose.


Sec. 4.  Special meetings may be called in accordance with the provisions of the National            



Sec. 5. Quorum:   5  members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the

             transaction of business.





Sec. 1. Membership to this Post, eligibility to, application for, acquiring and maintenance

            of, loss and discipline shall be in accordance with the provisions of the National    By-Laws.


Sec. 2.  The admission fee of this Post shall be payable in accordance with the National



Sec. 3. The dues of this Post shall never be less than the amount required to cover the

            Department and National Dues.






Sec. 1.  Eligibility to, nomination, election or appointment, installation and term of office

            shall be in accordance with the provisions of the National Bylaws.


Sec. 2.  The Post shall elect the Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice

            Commander, Quartermaster, and three Trustees.


Sec. 3. The Commander shall appoint an Adjutant, Chaplain, and Service Officer. The

             Commander shall appoint a Judge Advocate, Surgeon, Officer of the Day and/or



Sec. 4. The duties of all officers shall be those prescribed by Department and National

            Bylaws, lawful orders as the Post may direct and as these Bylaws may provide.





Sec. 1. All committees and their chairmen, unless otherwise provided, shall be appointed

            by the Commander as promptly as possible after election to office, and as such shall         serve at his/her will and pleasure. The Post Quartermaster, by virtue of office, shall

           be treasurer of all committees handling funds.


Sec. 2.  The Standing Committees of the Post shall be as follows:

a.       Membership                      f.  Range/Safety

b.      Relief                                g.  House

c.       Poppy                                h.  Americanism

d.      Publicity                            i.  Ways and Means

e.       Youth Activities                j.  Safety



Sec 3.  House Committee


a.       The House Committee shall be elected by the Post members to manage certain matters related to the Post property, including the operation of the Post Club Rooms and/or Canteen.  It shall consist of not less than three members, one each of whom shall be elected annually for a three-year term.  Trustees shall not serve on the House Committee.  In addition, the Post Commander and Post Quartermaster by virtue of their offices shall be members of the House Committee.


b.      The Committee shall be responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the quarters and the equipment therein.


c.       The Committee shall be in charge of the sub-rental of the Post’s quarters and shall exercise such supervision over sub-renters as will insure the protection of the Post’s name and property.


d.      The Committee may authorize such expenditures for minor emergency repairs and janitor supplies as may be necessary for the preservation and protection of the Post’s quarters and its equipment, provided that the total amount so expended between any two regular Committee/Post meetings shall not exceed $500.


e.       All monies received by the Committee through the sub-rental of the Post’s quarters or other sources shall be deposited with the Post Quartermaster.


f.       All expenditures of the Committee shall be made only by regular voucher and drawn by the Quartermaster. All such checks shall be signed by the Quartermaster.


g.      The House Committee shall keep a record of all its receipts and expenditures and shall, at every meeting of the Post, report all monies received and all expenditures made since the last meeting. The House Committee may permit the Quartermaster to provide this report at the meeting. 


h.      The Post may adopt such further rules and regulations governing the conduct of club or canteen as do not conflict with the provisions of this Article.  Such rules and regulations shall only become effective upon their approval by the majority vote of members present at a regular or special meeting call for that purpose; at least thirty (30) days’ notice in writing having first been given to all members.






Sec. 1.  Any activity, unit or clubrooms sponsored, conducted or operated by the Post,

            incorporated separately from the Post or unincorporated, shall be at all times under

            the direct control of the Post.


Sec. 2. All funds derived from any of the above shall be in the custody of the Post



Sec. 3. All money, property and assets of every kind, as well as all records in connection              therewith used, held and owned by any of the above activities, is the property of        the Post and must be placed in the care and custody of the Post Quartermaster.


Sec. 4. For purpose of this Article, Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary and the

            Military Order of the Cootie are governed by Articles XI and XII

            respectively of the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure of the Veterans of

            Foreign Wars and their respective By-Laws, rules and regulations.






Sec. 1.  Expenditure of funds shall be made only after prior authorization by the Post and on proper voucher drawn by the Adjutant and approved by the Commander.  All          checks for the expenditure of Post funds shall be numbered in sequence, the number   of each check to correspond with the voucher authorizing the same, other      expenditures may be made using acceptable banking practices. All disbursements of the Post funds shall bear the signature of the Quartermaster or other person(s)          authorized by the Quartermaster.  Such other authorized person(s) shall be bonded       in accordance with Section 703 of the National Bylaws.


Sec 2.  The adoption of this Article shall constitute authorization by the Post for the

            payment of bills, when and as due, for monthly rental, public utility service,          postage, janitor service, and for janitor’s supplies and minor emergency repairs       authorized by the House Committee, provided that the amounts to be paid for said            monthly rental and for janitorial service shall have been previously established by

            the Post.


Sec. 3. No other payment or expenditures shall be made except on the specific       authorization of the Post in each and every case.





Sec. 1. No compensation shall be paid to any officer of this Post for his/her services as

            such officer, except as hereafter may be provided.


Sec.2. For services rendered, the Post may, by majority vote, pay the annual dues of the   Adjutant and Quartermaster for the periods or parts of periods they serve as such,            and such other compensation commensurate with their duties as may be determined          and specified by vote of the Post.





Sec. 1. This Post shall solicit funds or donations only by prior vote of the members           agreeing to the proposition.  It shall not solicit funds or donations or otherwise       engage in fund-raising activities or projects outside the immediate geographical   area or community of the Post.


Sec. 2. The Post shall not enter into any agreement with a promoter for the purpose of      raising funds unless the said promoter shall have first furnished a good and         sufficient surety bond in a principal sum sufficient to give the Post ample protection       in the particular circumstances.  The said bond shall be subject to the approval of      the Post Adjutant, bear the endorsement of the Post Commander and be kept in the             possession of the Post Quartermaster.  The bond shall be conditioned on the           payment to the Post Quartermaster of all monies due the Post as a result of the   solicitation within thirty (30) days of the close of the campaign.  If the promoter           has made satisfactory settlement within the thirty (30) day period, then surety will       be determined to be discharged, otherwise the bond will remain in full force and    effect.


Sec. 3.  If the bond cannot be furnished, then all collections shall be made by the

            members of the Post sponsoring the campaign or entertainment and said funds shall          be paid to a bonded officer of the Post who shall hold the funds in his/her custody         pending proper pro rata distribution.


Sec. 4. Fund-raising organizations or individuals conducting solicitations, activities or      projects for a profit shall not be engaged or used by the Post for such purpose unless     such engagement is made by written agreement between the Post and the   organization or individuals providing those services. The form of any such     written agreement must be submitted to the Department Commander for review    at least thirty (30) days prior to any Post entering into any such agreement.


Sec.  5.  No solicitations or ticket sales shall be permitted in the Post quarters or at socials             or meetings unless such solicitations or ticket sales shall have been approved by                         the Post.






Sec. 1. Every member of this post shall keep the Post Adjutant and Quartermaster advised            of his current address by promptly reporting any change of same.


Sec. 2. One copy of these By-Laws shall be issued to each elected and appointed officer               of this Post. A copy will be maintained on the bulletin board in the Post.


Sec. 3.  In all Post procedures not provided for by the Congressional Charter and By-Laws

            or these By-Laws, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the authority,             and it shall be the duty of the Post Judge Advocate in an advisory way, when called

            upon to do so by the Post Commander to advise the Post Commander on the proper           rule(s).






Sec 1.  No member shall be permitted to speak on any subject (Pro or con) more than twice,

            and the first time no longer than five (5) minutes, and the second time no longer    than three (3) minutes, with the exception of a committee report and         recommendations and visiting guests who have a message to impart.





Sec. 1. These By-Laws shall become effective after adoption by this Post and after review            by the Commander of the Department and Commander-in-Chief of the Veterans Foreign Wars of the United States.


Sec. 2. These Bylaws may be amended by the Post by a two-thirds vote of the members

            present and voting at a meeting, provided diligent efforts are made to notify each

            member at least twenty (20) days in advance and upon request provided a copy of

            the proposed amendments.


Sec. 3. Wherever these By-Laws or subsequent amendments may be found to be in conflict

            with the present or any future National By-Laws of the Department, the later shall             prevail and be binding upon this Post as though written herein.


These By-Laws were adopted, subject to the review of the Commander-in-Chief and the Commander of the Department of North Carolina, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States on this __________ day of December, 2022, at a regular meeting of this post in the City of Holly Ridge and County of Onslow, State of North Carolina.


                                                            New Topsail Island Post No. 9983

                                                            Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States









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